About Us

Invest Search was incorporated in the Year 2008 and serves more than 400 clients, offering investment products under one roof.

  • We are a team of 10 employees,managing more than 150 crores in mutual funds, no of live SIP's are more than 1200 and handling more than 400 families.
  • Our client comprises of Individuals & SME segment.
  • We work continuously with clients to achieve their Short Term and Long Term goals.
  • We have the best relations with our clients which has made us grow and succeed.
  • Our AIM is not to sell products but give our clients solutions , Educate them so that they take informed Investment decisions.
  • We conduct Investors education program on regular basis for Educating Investors till date we have done 20 such seminars for Investors ( check the Photos & videos from our Section on our site ( view our Gallery & videos ).
  • We offer range of Products to Investor - Corporate FD , NCD ,Capital Gains Tax savings Bond , Medical Insurance ,Car Insurance & Commercial Insurance.
  • We have made Transactions in Mutual funds paperless since many years by using platform of Mutual fund Utility.
  • Clients can check their entire portfolio on our website & mobile app made by us.